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Noah Eastman, LMFT
Somatic Psychotherapy and
Parts Work    


noah eastman_lucidity.jpg

I am a trauma-informed, somatic psychotherapist offering 
in-person/online therapy in the
East Bay.
I offer a warm, honest, and compassionate space to experience yourself. 
If you are feeling
stuck in the same, old patterns,
you are not alone. 

The first step is the hardest
It's admitting that something isn't working and needs to change.
When you begin to open about your feelings of isolation, disconnection, and anxiety, it gets better.
 Trust me.
I serve clients dealing with CPTSD
, porous boundaries, codependence,
neurodivergence, body dysmorphia, gender/sexuality issues, polyamorous dynamics, anxiety, and depression
Through somatic explorations, and IFS (parts work), 
I will help you reconnect with the intuitive wisdom of your body,
transform your symptoms, 

and discover a path towards more aligned relationships.
I share my honest reflections in order to serve your desire to grow. 
I w
ork with individuals, couples, and families.

How I practice

My role as a psychotherapist is to help you unpack the imprints of culture, family, and the environment so you can discover your natural embodiment and attract the more beautiful and honest life that is waiting for you.

Poppy with Leaves

Somatic Psychotherapy

Somatic therapy restores connection to your body, which allows the pain of the wounded inner child that is disrupting your life to be integrated, grieved, and released.  

Poppy with Leaves

Parts Work (IFS)

Parts work is a non-pathologizing way of examining the ways we learned to deal with stress, attach in relationships, and protect ourselves from hurt or rejection.

Poppy with Leaves

Expressive Arts

Through the use of different expressive art modalities, like dance, drawing, and improv, I help clients connect with their aliveness and joy.  


Chris J.

"Through physical touch, gentle encouragement, and breathe guidance Noah was able to create a feeling of safety and collaborative effort that allowed me to start moving through this defensive tension I've held for so long."

Julian S.

"I would highly recommend an energetic bodywork session with Noah to anyone that wants to let go of and release heavy emotions that are keeping them from connecting even more to their heart and their body."

Jenny M.

"I have a lot of trust issues with men and being able to receive touch from a man who I feel super safe and supported by feels nourishing and healing beyond words."
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